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Manufacturer, supplier and installer of made to measure blinds, situated in Chatham

Manufacturer, supplier and installer of made to measure pleated blinds

Pleated Blinds

Our vast range of pleated blinds offers you unlimited choice and variation of style and colour to find the perfect match for your interior decoration.

Sleek, modern and stylish in design, pleats create soft light and shade ideal for conservatories and modern styled rooms receiving direct sunlight or just needing some softening up.

Control solar heat and light

A popular blind for conservatories and rooms in direct sunlight pleated blinds can provide enhanced protection from solar heat and light with an integrated reflective backing.

These products enable you to choose a blind that lets in exactly the amount of light you want.

Pleated Blinds
Pleated Blinds

Pleat retention systems

By design pleated blinds should always look sharp, sleek and modern so it’s essential to keep the pleats looking as good as they do on day one.

Our ranges include blinds with pleat retention systems such as Unipleat which maintains the folds and pleats in the fabric to keep them fresh and prevent sagging.

Intu and pleated blinds

For anyone who wants the ultimately sleek finish, which doesn’t need screws or drilling and is ideal for conservatories, ask about our Intu blinds range.

An amazing new fitting design Intu is quick to install and leaves no hanging cords or chains, no rattles when the window is opened and the option of top and bottom opening sets of blinds! For extra safety on free hanging pleated blinds ask about our Smart Rise option, manufactured with no hanging cords. Both Smart Rise and Intu are Safe by Design.

Intu System Blinds

Professional installation to the highest quality standards

Our experienced, friendly and professional installations team can provide a full fitting service on our entire range of blinds and window dressings. Working around your day to day business we do our best to minimise disruption and always ensure the highest quality workmanship.

For a huge range of British made, stylish and modern pleated blinds or any other window blinds, contact us today.