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Manufacturer, supplier and installer of made to measure blinds, situated in Chatham

Manufacturer, supplier and installer of made to measure venetian & wooden blinds

Venetian & Wooden Blinds

Privacy and shade with an added element of noise-making security, venetians are still what come to mind whenever you think of blinds and today they’re available in a wider range of options than ever before.

From classic white metal for offices and schools to rich real woods that give clean modern looks to natural warmth Venetian blinds still make a beautiful system for any window or room.

Available in a huge range

You decide the size, the colour and the materials Venetian blinds are available in a huge colour matched palette, as metal or wood and in a range of slat sizes from the standard 50mm and 35mm options to slender and stylish 25mm and 16mm.

Great in offices, homes, schools, hospitals and just about anywhere else thanks to choices ranging from sheer practicality to heavy luxury.

Office venetian blinds
Opening venetian blinds

Intu and Velux Venetian blinds

Get the venetian look at perfectionist levels of minimalism with the amazing Intu blinds system ideal for conservatories and double glazed windows.

Our Intu venetian blinds and Velux venetian blinds are Safe by Design.

Or Velux venetians for roof windows and skylights. Incorporating a full frame the venetians are kept neatly in place, free of annoying cord or chain loops, making them safer for children and pets as well as a beautiful way to install venetian blinds.